#BmoreLeadfree is a lead poisoning awareness campaign that originated from students in Dr. Lawrence Brown’s Community Needs and Solutions class in the School of Community Health and Policy, at Morgan State University.

In the days after the April 27, 2015 Baltimore Uprising, it became clear that lead poison was an implicating factor as Freddie Gray was discovered to have been lead poisoned at 36mg/dL blood lead level. Freddie Gray’s death was a catalyst for our work at Morgan State University.


Our Mission

To enlighten and educate community members about lead poisoning and eradicating the levels of exposure by closing the gap between awareness and action.

Let’s advocate for a lead-free future.
— Dr. Lawrence Brown, Bmore Lead Free Initiative

Dr. Brown and students discuss next steps for #BmoreLEADfree.

Dr. Brown and students discuss next steps for #BmoreLEADfree.

Growth & Moving Forward

In addition to soil sampling the #BmoreLEADfree movement will expand its efforts into the following:

  • Air Quality Testing

  • Water Testing

  • In-home Testing