Our Partners


Environmental Protection Agency (epa)

The initiative was created in the Fall 2015 semester as the class partnered with the Environmental Projection Agency’s (EPA) Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention. Students created graphics to promote awareness of lead poisoning and learned about the science behind the effects of lead in the human body.

EPA pic.jpg

We worked during that year with the EPA’s Darlene Leonard and Christina Wadlington to learn more about lead poisoning and we conducted several events during Lead Poison Prevention week in 2015. On October 6, 2015, the class travelled to DC and met with officials and personnel in the Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution.

In the Fall 2016 semester of the course, a new group of students extended the work of #BmoreLEADfree and the partnership with the EPA. Lawrence Brown led and students assisted in the effort to host the Baltimore Children’s Health Fair at Morgan State University on October 29, 2016 in partnership with the EPA and the Green and Healthy Homes Initiative. Other students would work with Dr. Brown to create a list of strategies for eliminating the hazard of lead poison and treating the people who have already been poisoned.